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How does MYFREEDOM work?

MYFREEDOM is a subscription and/or on-demand service designed to give you access to the vehicles you need in the way you need it.

MYFREEDOM Unlimited and Advantage are vehicle subscription services to fit your lifestyle. They are an alternative to traditional purchasing or leasing of a vehicle, allowing a customer access to one vehicle at a time on a monthly basis. Please see Pricing for more information on what is included with MYFREEDOM Unlimited and Advantage.

MYFREEDOM Connection can be purchased as a subscription or on demand. It is a supplement to traditional vehicle ownership – borrow the car you need, when you need it.

We give you the vehicle you need when you need it - every day or occasional use. Customers use the MYFREEDOM app to request their next vehicle, including when and where they would like the next vehicle. A MYFREEDOM concierge will deliver the fresh vehicle, transfer everything over to your new vehicle, and ensure you’re all set to go.

A special note about the COVID-19 Situation: In uncertain times, MYFREEDOM provides you an alternative to traditional long-term vehicle financing. A MYFREEDOM subscription gives you month-to-month access to new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep® and Ram vehicles without ever leaving your home. Download the MYFREEDOM App, apply, and select from available vehicles and enjoy concierge delivery with no paperwork, transparent pricing, and ultimate flexibility - all from the comfort and safety of your home.

What is included in a MYFREEDOM subscription?

Every MYFREEDOM subscription includes rights to a vehicle, mileage and concierge service. The MYFREEDOM concierge team delivers detailed vehicles to your home or office (within 20 miles of a participating dealer). We take care of all maintenance and repairs so you can focus on driving. MYFREEDOM Connection customers enjoy the same vehicle benefits, although delivery is not available in all locations. 

  • Unlimited: 1,250 miles/month, 2 flips/month, insurance, routine maintenance and roadside assistance
  • Advantage: 1,250 miles/month, 1 vehicle/month, insurance, routine maintenance and roadside assistance
  • Connection: Daily vehicle use, routine maintenance and roadside assistance
    • Unlimited Mileage available in some locations, please see participating dealer for more details.

Additional miles cost $.25/mile.  Want an additional flip for Unlimited? No problem. We are happy to accommodate additional flips for our Unlimited members – a service fee of $50.00 would apply for concierge deliveries.  Any additional flips performed at the dealership are free!

For a complete list of additional fees and charges, please see MYFREEDOM Additional Fees & Charges.

What vehicles are included with MYFREEDOM?

Customers will have access to most Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep® and Ram makes and models through your participating dealer, subject to dealer availability. The fleets are changing all the time.

Certain Vehicle Exclusions Apply: Charger Scat Pack, Charger SRT Hellcat, Challenger RT Scat Pack, Challenger SRT Hellcat and Grand Cherokee SRT are not available.

What is the MYFREEDOM insurance coverage?

Insurance is included for all approved drivers with MYFREEDOM Advantage and MYFREEDOM Unlimited:

  • Collision and Comprehensive: $1,000 Deductible
  • Customer Liability Coverage: $100,000 per person / $300,000 per accident / $50,000 property damage

"Approved Drivers" are all Primary or Secondary Drivers with approved applications through the MYFREEDOM app.

MYFREEDOM Connection drivers are covered by their primary vehicle insurance. Customers must ensure that their coverage allows for rental coverage.

How long can I keep a vehicle?

MYFREEDOM Unlimited subscribers have two flips included per month, MYFREEDOM Advantage subscribers have access to one vehicle per month. MYFREEDOM Unlimited and Advantage subscribers may keep the vehicle for up to 120 days.

Occasionally, when a vehicle has been with a subscriber for more than a month, we might need to ask for it back so that we can do routine tasks like preventive maintenance.

MYFREEDOM Connection use is for each 24 hour period. For example, if a vehicle is picked up at noon on Monday, for one day's use it must be returned before noon on Tuesday.

How new are the vehicles?

MYFREEDOM vehicles are the current or prior model year. Each vehicle is detailed before it goes to a customer.

How many miles will the vehicle have on the odometer?

MYFREEDOM vehicles are entered into service with less than 100 miles and are in service for no more than 12 months. Typically, vehicles will have less than 15,000 miles.

Signing up

Getting started

How do I join MYFREEDOM?

Download the MYFREEDOM app and select “Sign up”. Follow the instructions to create an account. You will need to provide a credit card, select a plan and provide a picture of your driver’s license. MYFREEDOM Connection customers will also need to provide insurance information. We will verify your information and check your driving history. We may need to speak with you during that process. In most cases, we can approve an application within one business day. Then we will contact you to get you started and schedule your first delivery!

Is MYFREEDOM in my area?

Today, MYFREEDOM Unlimited, Advantage and Connection services are live in metro Detroit and Southern and Central Florida - please see How it Works for details. If you’re outside of the service area, sign up for news and updates and we will let you know when we arrive in your city.

Who is eligible to become a MYFREEDOM Subscriber?

Generally speaking, each MYFREEDOM Advantage and Unlimited Customer must be at least 25 years old and live or work within 20 miles of a participating dealer. MYFREEDOM Connection Customers must be at least 21 years old and live or work within 20 miles of a participating dealer.

What is the MYFREEDOM enrollment fee?

The $350 MYFREEDOM enrollment fee is required for all new MYFREEDOM Advantage and Unlimited memberships. The fee is non-refundable and charged upon application. There is no enrollment fee for MYFREEDOM Connection.

Everyday usage

Getting started

How well equipped are the vehicles?

The majority of vehicles are equipped with a mid to high-end trim package. Other options vary by make/model and specific vehicle. We cannot guarantee the availability of certain options.

Are pets allowed in vehicles?

Pets are allowed in the vehicles, but (other than service animals) they must be transported in a crate.

What happens if my vehicle needs repair?

MYFREEDOM vehicles are always up to date on all routine maintenance and recalls. MYFREEDOM drivers never have to worry about maintenance or repair issues. If something unforeseen occurs, use the MYFREEDOM app to notify us and we will get you into a new vehicle!

What happens if I get into an accident?

First, make sure that everyone is safe, get the vehicle to a safe place, exchange information with the other parties and notify the police. Once the situation is stabilized call us. We will bring you a fresh vehicle and handle everything with respect to the vehicle involved in the incident. 

How much advance notice is required for a flip?

While we ask for a 4 (four) days notice, the best experience is to book in advance. Your dealer may be able to accomodate shorter notice, but it is subject to vehicle availability.

Do I tip the concierge?

MYFREEDOM does not allow tipping. Concierge delivery is part of the overall MYFREEDOM member experience and included with the monthly subscription. If you have an exceptional Concierge experience feel free to reflect it in the service rating or by letting the team know.

Pricing & payment

Getting started

How do I pay for MYFREEDOM?

MYFREEDOM is charged to the credit or debit card in your profile. All monthly subscription fees and taxes will be charged once a month, additional charges (such as tolls, tickets or cleaning) will be charged as incurred. For a complete list of fees and charges, please see the MYFREEDOM Additional Fees and Charges.

Where can I find the insurance card?

View a digital version of your insurance card under Your current ride on the home screen of your MYFREEDOM app. Hard copies of the insurance card can also be found in the glovebox.

What about fuel?

All MYFREEDOM vehicles are delivered with a full tank of gas. If you return a vehicle without a full tank, your concierge will refill the vehicle and add the charge to your account following your flip. MYFREEDOM only charges for the cost of gas (no convenience fee).

Are there additional charges?

Charges incurred while driving MYFREEDOM vehicles such as tolls and tickets will be passed on the the customer. MYFREEDOM does not charge a convenience fee.

In the event the vehicle is returned with significant scratches or dents or excessively soiled interiors, standard wear and tear charges will apply. Please see Customer Agreement for full details.

When is payment due?

A valid credit card is required during sign up. Your first payment will be charged when we confirm delivery of your first vehicle. Subsequent payments will be charged on a monthly basis, in advance. Any additional charges for gas or damage will be charged as soon as the flip ends.

What is the minimum commitment to MYFREEDOM?

MYFREEDOM is a monthly subscription service. Pay for the first month and give it a try. If you like it, your subscription will renew automatically monthly after the first period. If you ever want to cancel, just let us know and we will end your subscription after your current month has expired.

How do I cancel my subscription?

MYFREEDOM subscriptions can be cancelled with 14 days notice (before next billing date) by phone call or text. The team will schedule a pickup.

Can I move between the different plans?

Yes, members can move between plans at any time. Your monthly subscription fee will be prorated.

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes. Pause your MYFREEDOM account and have one less monthly bill covering something you're not even using. No lease or loan allows that! Pause your MYFREEDOM account for a $200 subscription hold fee. This fee is non-refundable but will be credited to your next monthly charge when subscription resumes, and your subscription will be on hold after your current month has expired.

How do I pause my account?

MYFREEDOM Subscriptions can be paused with 14 days notice (before next billing date) by phone call or text. The team will schedule a vehicle pickup.

Terms of use

Getting started

Is there a mileage limit or flip limit per month?

Each plan provides the following number of miles and number of flips:

Miles per month:

Unlimited- 1,250

Advantage - 1,250

Connection - Up to Unlimited, varies by Participating dealer

Flips per month:

Unlimited - 2

Advantage - 0

Connection - 0

Any additional miles over your limit cost $.25/mile. Want an additional flip? No problem. We are happy to accommodate additional flips for our MYFREEDOM Unlimited customers – a service fee of $50.00 would apply for concierge deliveries. Any additional flips performed at the dealership are free!

For a complete list of fees and charges, please see MYFREEDOM Additional Fees & Charges.

Can anyone else drive the vehicle?

Yes, eligible drivers may be registered as Additional Drivers and added to the customer's account. There is a one-time, non-refundable $100 applicant fee for each Secondary Driver. You may have up to 2 Secondary Drivers on your account at any one time.

Are members responsible for their MYFREEDOM vehicle?

Yes, customers are expected to take care of MYFREEDOM vehicles as if they owned them. Please drive responsibly, keep the vehicle clean and let us know of any minor dings or spills via the MYFREEDOM app. Smoking/vaping are prohibited. Routine maintenance is included in the plan.

What is the condition of MYFREEDOM vehicles?

MYFREEDOM is committed to delivering vehicles that are in excellent condition. All vehicles are new, current or prior model year with extremely low mileage and are delivered in showroom ready condition.

What data does MYFREEDOM collect?

We want to ensure the best service and safety for all of our customers. To do so, we keep track of various data points to record vehicle and driver history, including mileage, vehicle condition and driving records. For more information on terms of use, please reference the MYFREEDOM Customer Agreement.

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